Santander Digital Service employees in the office

Guiding what we do

A fairer society with equal opportunities for everyone is essential for our world to function. We devote much of our time to achieving this goal, starting by our own home — which is also yours.  That’s why we form part of the Santander solidarity network, as well as launching our own projects to support inclusion, equality and accessibility.


Oh, and very importantly, we do all of this with the planet in mind too, of course. Because at Santander we enjoy the present but we take the future very seriously: our goal is to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.



We support the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace and actively seek opportunities to work and learn together.


A good example is our Digital Volunteers initiative to remove stereotypes, which is based on:


  • Sharing talent: We put our skills and knowledge at the service of companies and individuals who need our support for the development and evolution of their activity.
  • Recruitment: We support the recruitment of people with other skills based on the idea that diversity makes us a better team.
  • Volunteering: We work with families and/or colleagues to design solidarity initiatives that combine collaboration and teamwork.
  • Technology hub: We are promoting the opening of a technology hub in Ghana to collaborate in development projects with different technologies.
Employees of Santander Digital Service with people with Down syndrome working on a project
Santander Digital Service employees in the office



We recognize and support all types of diversity, both visible (sex, gender identity, race, age, visible disabilities), and invisible (personal and professional experience, education, religion, values and beliefs, invisible disabilities, sexual orientation), according to the DE&I principles outlined in the Corporate Culture Policy.


At Santander, we want people like you. No matter where you come from or where you end up. That’s why we develop initiatives like Embrace focusing on the LGTBIQ+ collective, and Women in Tech, which aims to build a more equitable tech industry. With the support of technology executives, we hold events such as the Future of Women in Tech Summit (🚀📢 register is open now for October 19th event!) which we co-organize with MongoDB, talks at universities, coding academies and volunteering sessions with foundations such as Technovation Girls, we are breaking down stereotypes and creating role models for future generations.


We believe in diversity and exploiting everyone’s capabilities, because we are convinced that our people are the most important asset we have in our teams in order to improve and evolve.


One simple, all-encompassing word

The Santander Way is our corporate culture. It is what makes it clear to us every day when we start working, our mission, vision, values, and corporate behaviors.


Learn more about Santander's culture.

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Think Customer
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Embrace Change
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Act Now
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Move together
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Speak up
Promoting ESG criteria
We do what we love the most, and we do it the way we want to. We are people working for other people, because at Santander we want to continue to be a responsible bank that gives back to society part of what it gives us. That’s why the environment, social values and governance are a big part of everything we do.