The cloud has become the best ally of our technology strategy. Santander processes 600 billion technical transactions per year, a colossal volume of data that requires the best tools and solutions to make the leap from traditional to more modern technology.


For this major challenge we face as a team — the modernisation of our entire core banking business — we have opted for a hybrid cloud which already hosts 90% of our infrastructure. This allows us to offer a better service to our customers by combining the best of both worlds, reducing waiting times and ensuring a secure and efficient service with a unique user experience.

Gravity is our in-house software tool with over 1 million lines of code which we created to make our transition to the cloud. In 2022 we began working with Google Cloud to help other large enterprises with the transition of their traditional mainframe technology systems to the cloud. This technology is now being marketed by Google Cloud under the name Dual Run, based on Gravity.


Our goal has already been achieved in the UK and Chile, where Santander Corporate UK and Santander Consumer Finance Chile have now become our first 100% cloud-based banks.


Santander is one of the first major banks in the world to digitise its core banking business, which helps us to improve services and efficiency for our over 160 million customers. More than 16,500 software developers and engineers are already working here to make it happen, and this is just the beginning... 👨‍🚀


Gravity receives The Banker Award 2023, read David Chaos, CIO at Santander and the responsible for this project, here.