Our strategy is to become a digital bank with branches... and we are already on it!


To achieve this, we are redefining our business and operational model through pioneering global technological initiatives across all sectors.

Models and Data Strategy

Santander's Models & Data strategy aims to transform the bank into a data-driven company, fostering a culture of innovation that places data and analytics as key drivers of our business strategy, while always complying with regulatory expectations regarding risk models and data management and governance.


To accomplish this, we primarily work on four fronts:


1. Business Alignment. We collaborate with business stakeholders to identify and deliver use cases with the greatest potential to improve our customers' experience and grow our business. We develop best-in-class business models for customer acquisition, engagement, loyalty, and customer experience enhancement based on a 'boxification' strategy, whereby we automate model development as much as possible, allowing us to be more efficient in the process and to improve its quality.


2. Robust Risk Regulatory Models. We develop highly robust regulatory risk models for credit risk, market risk, capital, and counterparties to meet all regulatory and supervisory expectations applicable to our financial sector company (such as IRB 2.1 Program, FRTB, Climate, COVID, Basel III, among others).


3. Fit-for-Purpose Data. We work on strategic projects focused on providing personalized and quality data that meets the specific needs of our business, while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


4. Data Architecture. In collaboration with the CTO team, we are building a strong and cohesive data architecture that enables a 360-degree view of our customers across all countries and businesses. The goal is to enhance our understanding of customers to offer them products and services they need more effectively. 

But it doesn't stop there 👩‍💻. We are committed to driving transformation in the banking industry by using advanced analytics as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and exploring opportunities presented by emerging technologies like generative AI.


All these efforts are carried out responsibly, ensuring high ethical standards and the protection of our data assets, customers, and employees. At Santander, we recognize that data is our most valuable asset, and we strive to use it for the benefit of society as a whole.